Our deer season started off quite warm. The calendar dates were out of sync this year with our opener being the last week of October putting our rut a week later in the season than normal. Usually starting in the middle of the third week, the chasing phase did not […]

Chandler Lake Deer Season Wrap Up

Here it is the fifth week of grouse season in the North Maine Woods and our guests are still enjoying great bird hunting. The dogs are finding grouse and woodcock and the shotguns are even connecting from time to time. The weather has finally cooled down to seasonal temps and […]

The 5th week of Grouse Season and still going strong!

Northern Maine is synonymous with 200+ pound Whitetail Bucks, Wool Hunting Garb and the Ole Remington 30-06 Core Lokt bullet. Come North young and old.  The mild winters have treated our deer herd well.  Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge is open through November 30th, 2016. For you followers of the Benoit […]

Give us your best shot!