ATTENTION ALL SPORTING DOG GPS COLLAR USERS! GPS-ENABLED DOG TRACKING SYSTEMS ARE CREATING A SAFETY CONCERN FOR LANDOWNERS. CORRECTIVE ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR THESE DEVICES TO BE ALLOWED USE WITHIN THE North Maine Woods Region. If you are using a GPS-enabled dog tracking device such as the Garmin Astro or Garmin Alpha tracking system, be advised that the collars for these systems operate on the same MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) frequencies used by logging trucks for monitoring road traffic. Full Details and Instructions at and


What we offer in Maine’s North Woods is a traditional form of Deer Hunting that is becoming hard to find. The act of genuine hunting- that’s hunting where there are no guarantees, Where one might or might not see a trophy deer or any deer at times. We offer true […]

Maine Deer Hunting is Back!

Allot has happened since May. An early ice-out followed by tremendous smelt runs at a number of great lakes put our early fisherman on the prowl for gorging Brook Trout. The Allagash lakes didn’t disappoint. Producing a number of Brook trout over 4 lbs. and lots of fish in the […]

June 2017 Fly Fishing Report

This past weekend it was time for us to “put up” ice from our very own Chandler Lake. Over 30 inches of ice. 16+ inches of clear blue and 14 inches of frozen slush ice that was cut off and discarded. We cut, hauled and put more than 320 40+ […]

Cutting Ice from Chandler Lake – A Tradition since 1902

With confidence, we know spring is just around the corner. Longer days and warming weather creates thoughts of our free flowing streams and remote ponds in Northern Maine. We are only a few feet of snow and ice away from May’s early smelt runs with Wild Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon […]

World Class fly fishing, beautiful wilderness and a Traditional Maine ...