Maine Ice Out Fishing
Ice has been out for only a few days, the water is warming from the mid 40’s and the smelt runs are in full swing.  Water levels are dropping to […]

Maine Ice Out Fishing Has Begun!

Maine Fly Fishing Green Drake Mayfly Hatch
As we received some good hearted chiding from some of our followers about what a “Green Drake Mayfly” is and how big they are we decided to go right to […]

The Mighty Green Drake Hatch – Part 2

The snow is deep and the air is cold, but we are already thinking about fly fishing in the North Maine Woods. Come fly fish and explore one of America’s […]

2018 Fly Fishing News North Maine Woods

What we offer in Maine’s North Woods is a traditional form of Deer Hunting that is becoming hard to find. The act of genuine hunting- that’s hunting where there are […]

Maine Deer Hunting is Back!