Grouse and Woodcock Hunting

ATTENTION ALL SPORTING DOG GPS COLLAR USERS! GPS-ENABLED DOG TRACKING SYSTEMS ARE CREATING A SAFETY CONCERN FOR LANDOWNERS. CORRECTIVE ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR THESE DEVICES TO BE ALLOWED USE WITHIN THE North Maine Woods Region. If you are using a GPS-enabled dog tracking device such as the Garmin Astro or Garmin Alpha tracking system, be advised that the collars for these systems operate on the same MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) frequencies used by logging trucks for monitoring road traffic. Full Details and Instructions at and


The Ruffed Grouse for table fare is at the top of almost everyone’s list.  We are often asked to prepare a bird or two for our guests and we are happy to do so.  Sharing the bounty of the North Woods is our passion and when the circle of life can […]

Bounty of the North Woods – A favorite Grouse Recipe