History of Chandler Lake Camps

A traditional Maine sporting camp located in the shadow of the Chandler Mountain range in T9 R8 of Aroostook County. Since 1902 Chandler Lake Camps has been situated on the eastern shore of beautiful Chandler Lake. The cabins are nestled among a rugged rocky shoreline in a forest of pine and spruce from a by-gone era. The only camps on the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­418 acre lake, its like stepping back in time in the North Maine Woods.

Two well known and experienced Oxbow guides opened new camps in 1902 on Chandler Lake.  With claims to being in the heart of the big game and big fish country. It had been for many years a favorite hunting and fishing ground for sportsmen.The lake empties into the Aroostook River through Mooseleuk Stream, and is but 4 miles from the South Branch of the Machias River,whose valley affords some of the finest moose and deer hunting to be found in the big woods of Maine, all within a short canoe ride and buckboard to the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Station in Marsardis.

While maintaining its claim of an area of great hunting and fishing, the experienced guides had successful seasons that followed. In 1904, Roach Adams, now being of Ashland, had become the sole proprieter, buying out his partners interest. He continued running the camps, adding more cabins, a root cellar, ice house and horse trovel. Records show his involvement with the camps ended in 1908 followed by Mr. Adams draft into World War I.
Records show ownership changed to F.Carlton and Alice Dole until 1924 and then to Judge William Priest of Boston and V.E.Lynch until 1946.

In the spring of 1947 the family of Franklin Palmer Hart of Redhook, New York purchased the 9 cabins and 1.17 percent of the common undivided interest in Township9 Range8 Aroostook County from the estate of Judge William Prest.

Mr. Hart, a prominent business man and outdoorsman purchased the camps to be used as a private family estate. The family enjoyed many years in Northern Maine, building new cabins, employing local guides, caretakers and pilots to care for the property. No road access was available at the time so travel was by river or airplane from the village of Portage Lake. With the family spending months each year at Chandler Lake, the Hart ownership spanned more than 50 years. In 1997, Jason Bouchard, a Northern Maine native was searching the North Maine Woods for a remote cabin. Upon traveling the area by floatplane he noticed cabins on the shore of Chandler Lake. After contacting the widow of Mr. Hart, the camps and property were purchased.

It has been almost 17 years. A road has been built. The long history and charm of a traditional Maine Sporting Camp exsists with a few modern conviences.

Chandler Lake Camps is operated as an American Plan Sporting Camp by the Bouchard family, providing delicious home cooked meals in our dining room with fresh vegetables from our large garden. Offering Northern Maine adventures in bird watching, nature tours, boating, fishing, and shooting. Our passion is our fly fishing for Native Brook Trout and upland hunting for grouse and woodcock with our English Setters and Pointers.

Walking and paddling the same rivers and trails Roach Adams and Almond Currier traveled more than 100 years ago.

We welcome you to join us.

Jason and Sheralyn
Chandler Lake Camps
T9 R8
North Maine Woods