Opening of Fourth Musquacook…

We made it into the Lodge at Fourth Musquacook.  Still about a foot of snow in the driveway. Looks like ice out will be right on schedule!

4thIceMeltThe grouse seem to have wintered well. We saw four in the driveway on the way in. Also encountered some woodcock on the Reality Rd.
The yard work and cleaning of the Lodge is well underway. We are getting anxious in anticipation of Spring getting here, fish and our guests arriving soon.

Pre Season Grouse Workshop

2015 GROUSE CAMP at Chandler lake Camps – August 27-30th.

Pre season prep for you and your dogs on live wild Ruffed Grouse at a 3 day workshop in Northern Maine?

– The workshop will be led by Grouse hunting enthusiasts/Maine guides and experienced hunters.
– A Maine Upland Bird Biologist will give a presentation of Woodcock and Ruffed grouse and their habitat needs.
– The workshop will cover skills needed in the pursuit of these challenging birds. Participants will learn about Grouse behavior, finding covers, hunting with and without dogs.
– Creature comforts of a Maine Sporting Camp for an enjoyable hunt and recipes for grouse by Chef Sherry.

The schedule will cover:

– skills needed, Grouse behavior, finding covers, etc.

– Available 5 station, auto trap Grouse walk.

– Training and hunting with Chukar’s will be offered on our 200 acre licensed upland hunting preserve. Natural setting, realistic covers and practical gunning to tune up the gunner and the dog
Natural settings, realistic covers and practical gunning to tune up the gunner and the dog.

– Training your hunting dog on wild, native Maine Grouse. Get the bird contacts your dog needs in preparation of the upcoming season.

This will be an all inclusive event(except ammo). Workshop, Food and Lodging will be provided at Chandler Lake Camps..

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