Grouse Hunting Opening – Don’t Wait!

Due to a last minute cancellation we have an opening Oct 4-9th.

Don’t wait long on this one folks its not going to last long in this prime week.  Remember, Kids 16 and under stay free with a paying adult.  Start A family Tradition right now at Chandler Lake Camps.

Please use or web contact form to book your dates asap!

The New Cabin is almost ready!

Its been a long and hard job yet so worth it.  The new cabin will be ready for the first guests of bird season in a few weeks.  Its been a decade since we built a new cabin or ‘camp’ as we refer to it here and with the traditional methods of construction we fully expect it to be here many decades into the future.  Come stay with us soon and start to create the memories of “if those walls could only talk….”

Enjoy the pictures below of the cabin taking shape…

Family Traditions – Youths Stay Free*

There is no time like the present to start a Family Tradition.  Here at Chandler Lake Camps we have always embraced the need for family and the outdoors.  For all that we love of the outdoors and the hunting and fishing traditions we have enjoyed we realize that the next generations are the ones that will keep us in their memories and keep the traditions alive well into the future.

To put our commitment in action it has always been our policy that our youth guests 16 years and under stay free with a paid adult.  There is no time like the present.  Start a Family Tradition at Chandler Lake camps today by reserving some quality time in the North Maine Woods.

Our History in Pictures

As one of the oldest traditional Maine sporting camps in the Aroostook and Allagash watersheds we are blessed with a rich history and over a century of stories to be told.  We have hundreds of old photos, pictures and documents that we have just begun to digitize so that we may share them here.  Please look at our Maine Historical Photos gallery to begin to enjoy the rich history that is Chandler Lake Camps.  Keep coming back.  We will be adding photos and documents throughout the process.

Thanks Very much as always and don’t forget to book your dates for Fall.  They are going FAST!

Maine Deer Hunting

Maine Deer Hunting is alive and well here at Chandler Lake Camps.  The possibilities for a Trophy Maine Deer of a Lifetime still exist during every hunt.  It seems for several years now there has been a myth perpetuated that Maine Deer Hunting is gone.  The stories of how it used to be are followed up with with grim looks of I wish it were still like that.  We are here to tell you that the Maine Deer Hunting in our area has never been better!  Please come join us in November for a hunt like none other.  Participating in a Maine Deer Hunt in the North Woods is not like any other you will encounter.  Millions of acres of timber woodlands inhabited by the famous Big Maine Deer of yesteryear but they are here now!.

We have a few select dates available in November both Guided and Self Guided.  Don’t miss out.  Book your date NOW!

Follow this link to our Maine Deer Hunting Page for more hunt info: Maine Deer Hunting

Use our contact form at:  Contact Us Here

The new cabin is really coming along…

Construction of the new cabin is really coming along.  The unseasonable heat of the past couple weeks has slowed us down a bit yet Jason and Bob continue to push forward like the troopers they are.

Below is a video clip of Jason running a Log Wizard.  As you can see every log must be debarked like this before it can be used on the cabin.


More new cabin photos to follow soon.  It’s almost Fall folks and this cabin will be ready!  Contact us asap for one of the few open dates still available.

Maine Grouse and Woodcock Hunting – Experience the North Maine Woods