Our History in Pictures

As one of the oldest traditional Maine sporting camps in the Aroostook and Allagash watersheds we are blessed with a rich history and over a century of stories to be told.  We have hundreds of old photos, pictures and documents that we have just begun to digitize so that we may share them here.  Please look at our Maine Historical Photos gallery to begin to enjoy the rich history that is Chandler Lake Camps.  Keep coming back.  We will be adding photos and documents throughout the process.

Thanks Very much as always and don’t forget to book your dates for Fall.  They are going FAST!

Maine Deer Hunting

Maine Deer Hunting is alive and well here at Chandler Lake Camps.  The possibilities for a Trophy Maine Deer of a Lifetime still exist during every hunt.  It seems for several years now there has been a myth perpetuated that Maine Deer Hunting is gone.  The stories of how it used to be are followed up with with grim looks of I wish it were still like that.  We are here to tell you that the Maine Deer Hunting in our area has never been better!  Please come join us in November for a hunt like none other.  Participating in a Maine Deer Hunt in the North Woods is not like any other you will encounter.  Millions of acres of timber woodlands inhabited by the famous Big Maine Deer of yesteryear but they are here now!.

We have a few select dates available in November both Guided and Self Guided.  Don’t miss out.  Book your date NOW!

Follow this link to our Maine Deer Hunting Page for more hunt info: Maine Deer Hunting

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The new cabin is really coming along…

Construction of the new cabin is really coming along.  The unseasonable heat of the past couple weeks has slowed us down a bit yet Jason and Bob continue to push forward like the troopers they are.

Below is a video clip of Jason running a Log Wizard.  As you can see every log must be debarked like this before it can be used on the cabin.


More new cabin photos to follow soon.  It’s almost Fall folks and this cabin will be ready!  Contact us asap for one of the few open dates still available.

Great fishing with 40+ fish days!

May flies have been hatching for over a week. Now waiting for the caddis hatches to kick in. Great fishing with 40+ fish days of plump, fat Native Brook Trout. We are modifying our dinner schedule to accommodate our evening fishing. The ponds are hot and the last hours of light are prime time. A beautiful cow moose swam across the pond during some great fishing last evening.  Only in the pristine Maine North Woods!
We are also seeing lots of Grouse in our travels, the flocks are active in the roadways and good weather should support another banner year on the wing in the north country.

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Little behind on the posts folks…..

PHEW! What a spring. As if cold weather, low water and 4 in. of snow on the 16th wasn’t enough we have had 37 degree mornings the last few days. I am here to announce that the hay days are finally here. The last of our lake fishermen have left the lodge and our dedicated fly fishermen have started to arrive. Evan though the blanket hatches haven’t started, there are enough around to have the trout looking up. Hendricksons seem to be the fly of the day. With fear some of our ponds may have struggled through the long winter, this week has proven those thoughts were in vein. Big, chunky native Brook Trout were the name of the game the last couple of evenings. Fish averaging 14″ and exceeding 19″ and three pounds. BEEFSTEAK BROOKIES as Jack McPhee used to say. We will try to keep the updates coming and give us a call to plan your next trip to the North Maine Woods.

Ice-Out Update and more

Greetings from Spring in the North Woods,

Some highlights of the world up here right now:

  • We expect ice out to be late next week and the water is receding fast this year. The smelt runs to our south have started and we are quite excited that our spring fishing will begin very soon.
  • We explored a  4 mile road system last evening and saw 14 grouse, two males were doing battle in the road. We stopped and listened a number of times and continuously heard birds drumming. They seemed to winter well and we hope for a great nesting season.
  • The new cabin at Chandler is coming along well.  We are cutting logs today and dealing with water issues from the winter.
  • On the moose front. A friend of ours has been shed hunting for a few days and has found 14 dead moose. 9 bulls and 5 cows. Not a good thing. The winter and the Moose Ticks have not been kind to them.

Open Dates:

We have a few openings for Ice-Out fishing the weeks of  May 17-18, 23-26 and June 1-7th.
Pond fly fishing and some lake fishing the weeks of June 14-20, 28-1st and July 14-18th.

Looking at Fall believe it or not we have a couple openings for Grouse Season.  Book them now they won’t last!  Dates available during the weeks of October 4-10th, October 18-24th and October 25-31st.

Thank You for all your support we hope to see you in camp soon!

Jason & Sherry

Maine Grouse and Woodcock Hunting – Experience the North Maine Woods