Maine Grouse and Woodcock

October brings the start of grouse hunting in Maine. We specialize in ruffed grouse hunting and the migratory woodcock. Our wild birds will challenge the best shooters. We focus on the quality of the hunt, fair chase and great dog work.

Grouse hunting at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge is among the finest found anywhere.  We are located in the middle of over 3.5 million acres of prime ruffed grouse and woodcock habitat in Northern Maine.  Known as the King of all game birds grouse hunting here permeates that. We have Registered Maine Guides available with fine bird dogs that will ensure your grouse hunt is memorable.  If you have your own dogs we encourage you to bring them for a grouse hunt.  This is a prime area for bird contacts on wild grouse.

The Ruffed Grouse here admittedly do not behave like grouse in other parts of New England.  The birds in our area are known for how long they hold before flushing for a dog or walking grouse hunter. Dogs pointing the birds so close that they can hold for a photo op of the dog with the grouse in the photo are not uncommon.

Chandler Lake Camps sits in the heart of Grouse hunting heaven habitat. With hundreds of miles of gravel roads, alder runs and hardwood ridges allowing access to some of the best grouse hunting in Maine.  Opportunities abound for hunting over dogs and coverts are suitable for both pointing and flushing breeds. Spend a day or a week chasing the King of all game birds grouse hunting with us.

Combine a day of grouse and woodcock, great dogs and the glory of a crisp fall day.  Hunting at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge is an experience of a lifetime.

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