Trophy Moose Hunting in Maine

Our location in Northern Maine, the heart of the North Maine Woods, offers tremendous opportunities for the hunter looking for a trophy moose. Maine Moose Hunting
Our population has been on a steady increase over the years. The recent increase in permits in our area has proven the strong population that exists.

Our moose hunt can be done with a rifle, archery, pistol or muzzleloader. We strictly hunt by the traditional methods of our forefathers.

Calling with a birch bark horn, canoeing our many waterways and posting our stands in known moose areas, there is nothing as exciting as this experience!! We have been very successful on these hunts with several animals in the record books.

Our guides live and work in zones 1, 2, 4 and 5. We drive this area all summer.  We know our area and our moose.

* Maine Moose Permits are available by lottery only.  No over the counter sales are available.

Moose: Sunday to Sunday  (7 Nights Lodging)
2 people: $3650.00, includes cabin, meals, experienced guide ($1000.00 deposit required)
Gratuity: Determined by you for exceptional service.

Moose: Sunday to Saturday – NON GUIDED (6 Nights Lodging)
1 person: $1200.00.
We also offer a Non Guided Special Moose Hunter’s rate that  includes cabin and meals, (Deposit required)

  • Please contact us for large group rates.

Application help: Call us at 207-290-1424

Hunting Information & Fees

For guided trip information check out our Registered Maine Guides