Check out the October ’17 Issue of Field and Stream out Now! Come visit us in print! A wonderful feature story by T. Edward Nickens about Maine Sporting Camps! Great photos by Tom Fowlks. It was a pleasure having them in camp and can’t wait for their return. Once you […]

October ’17 Issue of Field and Stream out Now! Come ...

ATTENTION ALL SPORTING DOG GPS COLLAR USERS! GPS-ENABLED DOG TRACKING SYSTEMS ARE CREATING A SAFETY CONCERN FOR LANDOWNERS. CORRECTIVE ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR THESE DEVICES TO BE ALLOWED USE WITHIN THE North Maine Woods Region. If you are using a GPS-enabled dog tracking device such as the Garmin Astro or Garmin Alpha tracking system, be advised that the collars for these systems operate on the same MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) frequencies used by logging trucks for monitoring road traffic. Full Details and Instructions at and


What we offer in Maine’s North Woods is a traditional form of Deer Hunting that is becoming hard to find. The act of genuine hunting- that’s hunting where there are no guarantees, Where one might or might not see a trophy deer or any deer at times. We offer true […]

Maine Deer Hunting is Back!