The 12 Minute Moose Hunt: Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge Family Stories

Here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge we are all about family tradition.  It is those traditions that we like to preserve and honor here with our guests and their families.  Nothing makes us feel better than when parents and their children of any age join us for an outing or the entire family together for that matter!  In that spirit we are starting a new series of posts of “Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge Family Stories”.  Our first debuts here titled:

“The 12 Minute Moose Hunt” submitted to us by Sean.

“My Dad and I chose Chandler Lake Camps to base our 2017 moose hunt from, this turned out to be an excellent choice. The owner’s, Jason and Sherry Bouchard went out of their way to make sure our experience was the best it could be, Jason had many great tips on hunting locations and Sherry’s home cooked meals were nothing short of amazing. On Monday, October 9th we were up at 4am and after a short ride and a half a mile walk we were set up looking down an old winter road that was laced with moose sign. We sat there waiting for legal hunting time as the world began to wake up with bird calls and a pack of coyote howling in the distance. Just as it was beginning to get light enough to see the details of the stones and trees on the other side of the road we heard a bull moose make it’s distinctive grunt some distance behind us, my dad used his own voice to make a mix of bull grunts and cow calls and the bull responded favorably, quickly getting closer until we could hear and see the brush thrash. We caught a quick glimpse of his head and shoulders just before he went into the ditch beside the road, obscuring him from our view completely except for the occasional tip of an antler. He stood there listening for the moose he thought were in the area for perhaps five minutes, it felt like much longer while we held our guns at the ready, and finally came into full view at the top of the road, broadside to us at fifty yards. We both took our shots and the bull dropped. As we stood there congratulating one another, I noticed what I could see of the bull’s hump was still moving so I walked to within thirty yards, keen to make sure our prize did not get up and run for the woods. As I came close he raised his head and we locked eyes for a second or two before to our great astonishment he got up and began to move for the treeline. Three successive shots later and he was down for good, having just barely made it to the opposite side of the road where he crashed into the ditch and no longer had the strength to get up. All of this took perhaps twelve minutes from the time we first heard him. In short order, we brought our vehicle to the spot and dragged our moose into the road where we gutted, skinned and quartered him then and there. He was a fifteen point bull with antlers coming in at forty two and a half inches, and while we never got the whole animal weighed we guessed him to be around seven hundred and fifty pounds. With a great moose experience under our belt we spent the rest of the week hunting grouse and woodcock all day long every day, coming back each evening to devour Sherry’s wonderful food, swap stories and tips with the other guests and camp staff, and finally collapse in satisfied heaps on comfortable beds looking forward to the next day.”


Thanks So Much Sean and Ed!   We loved having you and Congrats on your Success!