Chandler Lake Deer Season Wrap Up

Our deer season started off quite warm. The calendar dates were out of sync this year with our opener being the last week of October putting our rut a week later in the season than normal. Usually starting in the middle of the third week, the chasing phase did not start until the week of Thanksgiving.

Our largest group of hunters came the traditional third week and had limited success. More than a dozen bucks were seen that week with lots of sign. Rubs and scrapes were active but the bucks weren’t completely wound up just yet.

The week was Punctuated by Ted F…’s big 10 pointer going 241 lbs and Dana D’s ‘Big’ miss. What a Buck that would have been to have on the pole!

Snow came late this year with the first on the ground around the 22nd of November. We continued the pursuit and our Jacob found success in the snow the day after Thanksgiving, A 14 point – 208 lbs dressed weight Monster North Woods Buck!

Sherry and I traveled many miles searching for big bucks up until the end of the month and first 3 days of Dec.

She tracked a number of big bucks to no avail and we saw more than 20 deer passing up 3 opportunities at small bucks along they way.

There is nothing easy about deer hunting in Northern Maine, bare ground(without snow) is even worse. It takes a serious hunter focused on the big picture and putting in a lot of foot work to earn a big 240+ North Maine Woods Buck.

Doe’s seem to be quite plentiful, a sign that last year’s mild winter paid off. It appears the herd is coming back and we look forward to see if they can survive if we have a real Maine winter.

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