Charitable Donation Request

At Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge, giving back is where our hearts and passion lie, it is after all why we are in this business. Keeping and operating a traditional Maine Sporting Camp alone is a testament to not wanting an amazing way of life to become just a memory. It is also why we maintain a youth pricing policy steadfast to our commitment to youth and having them experience the North Maine Woods with us.

As we have grown, the number of requests we receive annually has increased to unmanageable numbers. In 2019 we were overwhelmed with requests for donations, and we tried to accommodate all of these because every request has merit and is worthy. We were compelled to give over and above what our budget allowed to honor those requests from our partner organizations and others. As we feel we are incredibly Blessed with our growth and the support of our customers we will continue to give into the future however at a more fiscally manageable level.

We hope that you understand we do believe that every request made of us has merit and is worthy. Unfortunately we can not grant all of them. To that end and to make the most equitable decisions possible we kindly ask that you fill out the form below to request a donation. This form is now the Official Request for a Donation from Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge. Solicitations by phone,, mail, email, in person etc. cannot be addressed.

All requests must be made at least 90 days before the event. Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge can only make donations to registered non-profits and tax-exempt organizations.

Official Request for Donation from Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge

    Have you ever received a donation from Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge in the past? *

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