Maine Fly Fishing

Ice Out – May 15th Update

Dear friends,

Its about Go-Time in the North Maine woods!

The headwater lakes of the Allagash drainage were declared ice free over the weekend, smelt runs are on and the water is warming. The historic lakes, Big Eagle, Churchill and Umsaskis are a favorite destination for early spring trollers and fly casters alike. Smelt, Native Wild Brook Trout, Land Locked Salmon and Lake Trout all come together in great numbers this time of year. Even though our flows are still high our local rivers, the Aroostook, Penobscot and Allagash are dropping nicely and as each day passes casting your favorite smelt pattern or streamer is the best way to go. The next couple of weeks will be going gang busters with lots of bragging size fish coming to the net. For you pond and small lake fisherman, we will be ice free in the coming days. Sinking lines and your favorite dragon fly nymph will be the ticket to finding feeding Wild Brook Trout on shallow shores. Experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Maine Guides available.

As our repeat clients echo every season, Go North, plan early and come often.


– The Bouchard’s