It has begun!

It has begun!! High water in the early season is almost always the norm and this year is no exception. With a cool and rainy May our waters have struggled to reach the high 40’s with little support from mother nature.

Our ice out fishing is tailing off with trickling smelt runs and we are happy to announce that it has begun, what we have all been waiting for.

Waters are dropping, excess waters slow and our rivers and streams are receding within their banks. As this happens our wild brook trout and land locked salmon return to their familiar lies and pools anxiously awaiting a big meal.

Its no secret that smelt patterns are the norm with both full sinking and floating lines. Our go to flies consist of the Grey Ghost, Jeff’s smelt and Magog but don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and prospect with the productive sculpin and versatile soft hackle streamer patterns. Big flies with 3x tippet were the norm over the last few days with larger fish in the 18” class. Strikes are sometimes vicious so don’t get caught on the light side.

Plan early and come North to the head waters of the Allagash and Penobscot watersheds.

It is as good as it gets!