June 2017 Fly Fishing Report

Allot has happened since May. An early ice-out followed by tremendous smelt runs at a number of great lakes put our early fisherman on the prowl for gorging Brook Trout. The Allagash lakes didn’t disappoint. Producing a number of Brook trout over 4 lbs. and lots of fish in the 14-18″ range. 50 fish days were common. Our waters remained cold through the Memorial weekend, we continued throwing streamers and soft hackles, fishing our numerous moving waters, anxious for some warm temps to get the fish looking up for their next meal. Our rivers and streams stayed high with cool temps into fathers day weekend, still producing Brook trout and Salmon over 18″.  We are in to the end of June and our Brook trout are finally looking to the surface. 7-10 days later than the norm! Streamers and soft hackles are still producing but we call it our transition period. Streamers in the morning, as the sun warms, we switch to soft hackles and throw dries in the afternoon. Back and forth. Catching fish all day. Now begins what we have been waiting for. The caddis hatches are starting and soon to be in full swing!  Bouncing Caddis is the presentation they are looking for and the perfect drift is not needed. Sit and watch your water of choice and present your fly to mimic the natural. Our fly of choice is the Goddard and several elk hair variations. Dries all day long, FINALLY!!        

What’s up next?   The Drake hatch is coming soon.

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