June 20th Fly Fishing Update


Caddis hatches are in full swing and unlike Mayflies that are sparse at times, Caddis have arrived in earnest. Starting with bright green elk wing Caddis and shortly followed by tan, orange, black and many others. This is the time of season we like most of all.  Our weather has been unseasonably cool so pond fishing for Wild Brook Trout is holding on strong. Mayflies will start hatching consistently so trout will be feeding regularly on the surface and will be searching for a variety of different insects.  We are routinely fishing Hornbergs just under the surface. Using a slow retrieve to create a small wake as you strip. Goddard Caddis, Royal Coachman Stimulators and Elk hair variants are the only options needed due to our low pressured waters.

Make a reservation NOW to come north and fish the waters most people only dream about! Drifting dry flies and Skittering Caddis for Native Wild Brook Trout.

At Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge Native Wild Brook Trout Fly Fishing is AS GOOD AS IT GETS!

Check out this article for an example of our Trophy Class Wild Brook Trout:  Monster Native Brookies of Maine from Orvis Fly Fishing News.

*Reminder – Jet service from The Greater NYC Area (EWR) begins July 1st.  No faster way to be on the water from the Greater NYC area.  Click Here for more information.