Little behind on the posts folks…..

PHEW! What a spring. As if cold weather, low water and 4 in. of snow on the 16th wasn’t enough we have had 37 degree mornings the last few days. I am here to announce that the hay days are finally here. The last of our lake fishermen have left the lodge and our dedicated fly fishermen have started to arrive. Evan though the blanket hatches haven’t started, there are enough around to have the trout looking up. Hendricksons seem to be the fly of the day. With fear some of our ponds may have struggled through the long winter, this week has proven those thoughts were in vein. Big, chunky native Brook Trout were the name of the game the last couple of evenings. Fish averaging 14″ and exceeding 19″ and three pounds. BEEFSTEAK BROOKIES as Jack McPhee used to say. We will try to keep the updates coming and give us a call to plan your next trip to the North Maine Woods.