Maine Cast and Blast

We are very fortunate to be able to offer an experience here that few others can do anything but dream about. Here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge we fantastic world class Maine Fly Fishing for Wild Native Brook Trout, Land Locked Salmon and Arctic Char and we also have incredible Ruffed Grouse Hunting with endless coverts and seemingly endless numbers of the King of all gamebirds.

We also are Blessed with the opportunity to be able to create a lifetime memory experience for our guests by combining the two.

It goes something this:

You awake in your very well appointed and comfortable private cabin. Stroll over to the Lodge for a wonderful and hardy cooked to order breakfast. Prepare for the day and head out to experience Maine Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunting.

Walk down remote overgrown logging roads and through alder thickets as the dog searches for the King and then the explosion of the rising Ruffed Grouse followed by the report of the shot. If your eye and your swing are on you will be rewarded with a gorgeous and DELICIOUS bird.

As you relax for lunch and recount the moments of the morning a few choice feathers removed from the morning’s birds and a new fly is born.

After Lunch its off to a pristine pond or selection of moving water to test that new fly.

In those waters await a beautiful fall spawning colored Wild Native Brook trout just waiting for your cast to be true.

Place it just right and the reward is amazing!

Don’t wait to long! Book the North Maine Woods experience of a lifetime!