Maine Deer Hunting

Maine Deer Hunting is alive and well here at Chandler Lake Camps.  The possibilities for a Trophy Maine Deer of a Lifetime still exist during every hunt.  It seems for several years now there has been a myth perpetuated that Maine Deer Hunting is gone.  The stories of how it used to be are followed up with with grim looks of I wish it were still like that.  We are here to tell you that the Maine Deer Hunting in our area has never been better!  Please come join us in November for a hunt like none other.  Participating in a Maine Deer Hunt in the North Woods is not like any other you will encounter.  Millions of acres of timber woodlands inhabited by the famous Big Maine Deer of yesteryear but they are here now!.

We have a few select dates available in November both Guided and Self Guided.  Don’t miss out.  Book your date NOW!

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