Maine Fall Fishing…exciting time of year!

Not to wish the summer away but The Fall Season is finally here. With falling temperatures and the changing of leaves we are anxiously awaiting cooling rains and rising water levels. In the last week we have had our first fires in the cabins with morning temps in the high thirties with evenings in the mid-fifties.
What this all means is that the stars are lining up and the start of Brook Trout and Land Locked Salmon spawning runs will begin shortly. We are anxiously looking for a generous amount of rain to nudge the largest fish of the season into their historic spawning grounds, our rivers and streams. When these Brook Trout and Salmon enter a river on their spawning run, they are very aggressive and eager to chase down any number of streamer patterns.
This is the time of year when colorful patterns get the most attention, like Jeff’s smelt, Shufelt special and the Montreal whore. Plan ahead with stout leaders, 6 to 10 lb test and try to cover every inch of the water.

It’s just an exciting time of year!