Maine Fly Fishing Update, June 26th, 2019

Warm June weather has finally turned the tide on hatches. We have been saying for some time now, maybe tomorrow or the end of the week. Well the time is now folks!!

Over the last few days green-bodied, dark brown and tan Caddis have arrived in abundance. Yesterday it all changed with lots of Caddis bouncing about. The takes were deliberate with wild trout starting up from the bottom focused on presentation. We are fishing dries, emergers and nymphs with the emphasis on dries. It is what we have been waiting for all season.

Caddis fisherman need to be visual and the best way to learn is to watch the caddis activity when you arrive on the water. Great caddis fisherman twitch there fly as it drifts along on the surface. So remember, make your first cast the best cast, mend your line as needed and flitter the fly on the surface. It’s the movement that seals the deal.

Drake (HEX) season is in our sights with the first hatches expected within the next week. Everything is a little late this season so we anticipate a slow start which usually benefits us on the other end.

It’s a great time to be in the North Woods!

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