The Ice Went out and we have a WINNER! Winner post coming as soon as we confirm contact. Stay Tuned!


2020 began with us on the road with Fly Fishing Shows and great times meeting old friends and making new along the way. Starting with a full calendar for all 2020 seasons and then fell quickly to a future fraught with uncertainties. Our dedicated staff pulled up their britches and stood together as we always do and carried on through these challenging times.

To those guests that were able to join us, new and old, Thank You for coming to stay and trusting us to keep you safe. The laughter and smiles of successes and MISSES were music to our ears! THANK YOU ALL!

It is from within that profound sense of thanks we are again offering another Orvis gear Giveaway, we have one ORVIS HELIOS 3D 5-WEIGHT, 9′ FLY ROD(ROD ONLY) for a lucky winner. Not only as a thank you to all of you for your support but also as an opportunity to bring some sunshine and a smile during these trying times.

We offer this opportunity for a lucky winner to own an ORVIS HELIOS 3D 5-WEIGHT, 9′ FLY ROD(ROD ONLY) at no cost, just sign up for our mailing list! If you would like an extra chance in the drawing share this post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us.  Just fill in the form below joining our mailing list and you will be entered to WIN!  One winner will be picked at random from our mailing list on the day of 2021 Ice Out at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge!

If you are already subscribed to our mailing list use the form below to update and enter you as well!

HELIOS 3D 5-WEIGHT, 9′ FLY ROD (ROD ONLY, no reel included)

– Helios 3D 9′ 5-wt.
– Matte Midnight blank
– Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight black w/Matte Midnight carbon insert
– Blue accent wrap
– Black/black main wraps
– REC recoil snake guides
– SiC/titanium stripping guides
– Aluminum rod tube

Helios 3D 5-Weight, 9′ Fly Rods are designed for exceptional accuracy but with enhanced power. They are the most accurate fly rods ever built, but offer remarkable strength and the ability to place a fly where you want it at distance. The Helios 3D 905-4 can put a streamer on a dime at sixty feet, and when the opportunities are way out there and the windows are small, this is the rod of choice. No cast ever thrown is identical to any other cast ever thrown. The variables of caster, rod, and conditions are too great. Helios 3D was designed to significantly reduce the variables at the point of release focusing the energy of the cast to the intended target. No matter what happens behind you, the energy of the forward cast is crisply released through a tight window created by the most significant reduction in horizontal and vertical tip frequency ever conceived. It is a rifle in a world of muskets and it autocorrects the variables of the cast to the target with incomparable precision.

* Offer is for the specific item outlined above.  Offer has NO cash value and no substitutions can/will be made.  This offer is for one rod only to be awarded to one winner.  You give us permission to congratulate you by First name, Last Initial and State on our web page and Social Profiles. This offer may be withdrawn at any time with no compensation extended. ** All Orvis Brand Names and images are owned by Orvis.