Maine Deer Hunting

Maine Deer Hunting at Chandler Lake Camps has a long history of successful trophy Whitetail hunting since 1907.

Maine Deer Hunting is alive and well here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge in the heart of the North Maine Woods.  The traditional method of Maine Deer Hunting true wilderness bucks has been still hunting and tracking. This method can be very successful especially when the snow hits. The important thing is to be ready to hunt Maine Deer hard. Make sure you bring good gear, a sighted-in rifle, and a determination to hunt Maine Deer hard all day. Mental attitude is key to a successful Maine Deer Hunt.

Maine Deer Hunting

Our Maine Deer Hunting takes place on over 3.5 million acres of the last true wilderness in the lower 48 states. In country this size, it is important to have good map skills, knowledge of how to use a compass, and even a GPS- especially if you’re deer hunting alone. Maine Deer Hunting not only is about tradition it is about true woodsman skills.  We are always happy to offer refresher courses for all of the above.

Our trophy bucks dress well over 200 pounds and score consistently over the 140 inch range. Maine Deer this size did not grow big by making mistakes, so the deer hunter must be adaptable, determined and ready for that split second opportunity at his memorable big Maine deer.

The key factors that affect our Big Maine Deer are food, cover and snow. The predominate mast crop is beechnuts which are cyclic by nature. We are in the heart of great hardwood ridges and river bottoms 30 miles north of Katahdin, situated between the Aroostook and Allagash Rivers. Snow means deer travel greater distances to winter in the perfect environment our area has to offer. We keep all of our deer hunters updated on peak conditions for getting the trophy buck they are seeking.

Chandler lake Camps is a traditional Maine sporting camp that caters to small groups of up to 12 Deer Hunters per week. Our camps offer great food, hot showers, and is just a beautiful place to take a step back in time( Though we now offer every modern convenience) when the game was plentiful and sportsmen and sportswomen were treated with respect. 

Our staff consists of dedicated deer hunters themselves that take a personal interest in honing their skills and enjoy the challenge of a good deer hunt and helping our clients see the bounty of success that can be Maine Deer Hunting!

Our guides believe to outwit the Trophy Maine Buck you have to:

* Extensively scout the area

* Have intimate knowledge of the area

* An enthusiasm to please and succeed

* Have a team effort on the deer hunt

* Give the deer hunters a friendly atmosphere

Maine Deer Hunting Packages

  • Non Guided Maine Deer Hunt

$1100.00/wk per person for double occupancy

$950.00/wk per person w/ 4-6 people per party.

Maine Deer Hunting

North Maine Woods Deer Hunting

This package is all inclusive of Food and Lodging ONLY.  Our experienced Staff and Guides will assist with map readings and current local information such as areas to avoid that are currently being logged, etc.

  • Semi Guided / Assisted Maine Deer Hunt

$1150 6 days hunting/ 7 nights per person.

Meet with our guides on Sunday of arrival in addition to each morning and evening of hunt. Discuss locations, tracking and still hunt strategies along with potential stand and ground blind locations.  Our experienced guides possess extensive knowledge of our area and the habits of our North Maine Woods Deer herd. Our goal is for all of our clients to have a successful trip. We will go the extra mile to make that happen.

  • Fully Guided Maine Deer Hunt

$1850/week plus tax – per person, double occupancy (two on one guide)

$2750/week plus tax – per person, single occupancy (one on one guide)

Deposit of $500 required to book a Fully Guided Deer Hunt.

Schedule is Sunday – Sunday, includes full guide for six days, meals, cabin, maid service.

For more information about our Deer Hunting Opportunities please use the form below.


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