I’d been on two unsuccessful moose hunts in the last twelve years. One in Alaska and one in Quebec. When Jason Bouchard called with a coveted moose hunt opportunity in Maine, I jumped at the opportunity. Maine Moose Permits are distributed through a lottery, and I had put in, unsuccessfully for the past five years.

What a hunt! Chandler Lake Camps is the epitome of sophisticated rustic. The food, lodgings and atmosphere brings one back to the images of Henry Thoreau’s writing in “The Maine Woods,” yet with comfortable amenities. These accommodations were equally appreciated by my wife, who accompanied me on this trip, while availing herself of the natural surroundings and peaceful setting.

The hunt was awesome! Jason is an expert at calling bull moose. He foregoes the traditional birch bark trumpet and produces a realistic call all his own. Jason called in four bull moose in the first two hours on our first day. I passed on each , as I was looking for a bigger bull. In all, over the next four days, Jason called in eleven bull moose.
On the third day, we heard a cow moose bellowing, sounding like Jason on the previous two days. We made our way up the steep terrain toward the cow. As we approached, so did a bull, in the thick brush and trees. The bull, thinking we were a competitor, started roaring at us with a frightening and jarring sound. The bull gathered his cow and left us. The trip back down the steep terrain, rife with deadfall and thick underbrush was difficult, but Jason’s son Jacob, who is an equally talented woodsman and Registered Maine Guide, helped, as he did throughout the hunt.
On the fourth day, Jason called in another bull, that I would take with a shot in the woods. I cannot overstate the professional manner in which the harvested moose was handled.

My wife and I spent the remaining portion of our week hunting grouse and woodcock.

I had said that the third try would be either “the charm” or “strike three.” It turned out to be the hunt of a lifetime!

– Vincent R.