Happy Maine Moose Hunters

Maine Moose season is a lot of work on both the Guides and the Sports. It is always worth it for the experience and privilege of pursuing an Eastern Moose in the North Maine Woods.

We had two successful Maine Moose hunters in camp this year. The first week of moose season was exciting with over 12 bulls answering our calls, 6 bulls sighted coming to the calls with 4 legitimate shot opportunities, and 2 under 10 yards.
After 3 hard days of hunting our first Sport connected on this fine bull at 8 yards on the fourth morning. 15 mins after the Bull answered the call we had him broadside at 8 yards. At 8am we had one very happy Moose hunter!

This Sport started his Maine Moose season with a very nice bull broadside at 7 yards just after 7am Monday. He elected to pass as it was so early in the season. His hunt had many bulls and a few trials and tribulations until this old fighter came in for yet another battle just before noon on Saturday. End result is another very happy Moose hunter!

For more information on the possibilities of a Maine Moose Hunt here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge visit our Moose Hunt page by clicking here.