Maine Fly Fishing Green Drake Mayfly Hatch

The Mighty Green Drake Hatch – Part 2

As we received some good hearted chiding from some of our followers about what a “Green Drake Mayfly” is and how big they are we decided to go right to the proverbial ‘Flies Mouth’, one of our State’s Fisheries Biologists. After all as fisherman we know that ‘Local Names’ for many species are just that, local. Much like ducks, geese and fish names hatch species most likely fall into that pot as well.

Jeremiah provided this great insight:

“As you stated in your post, Green Drake is the term we use in Maine to describe Hexagenia Limbata. Maine has three species of Hexagenia, Limbata being the most common. The ‘true’ Green Drake that folks describe in other areas of the country is Ephemera Guttulata.

Simply put, Green Drake is a common name that is used to refer to several different species of mayfly. There has been a lot of debate among anglers in recent years about what a ‘true’ Green Drake Mayfly is. It really just depends on where you are at in the country and whether you want to impress your fishing buddies with your taxonomic skills, or you just want to have fun catching a few fish. I prefer the latter.”

Mighty Green Drake Mayfly
North Maine Woods Mighty Green Drake Mayfly

We prefer the later as well so we will continue to love and refer to ‘our’ Mighty Green Drakes as such.  July is truly World Class Maine Fly Fishing here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge because of this wonderful species.  The ravenous feeding frenzy they cause allow us to bring to hand Brook Trout after Brook Trout to our happy clients year after year.

Please come and join us now for a Maine Fly Fishing Experience in the North Maine Woods you will never forget!  We provide everything you need whether beginner or expert and we assure you not only will you come back you will have a difficult time not sharing the memories of fish after fish with your fishing friends.

No costly fly outs are necessary here and we make your schedule our schedule!  You will never be told its time to leave cause we have a meal schedule, etc.  It is all up to you.  The experience is all yours and we are happy to provide it!

Fully Guided Maine Fly Fishing and Lodging Packages for 2018 are: $350 pp. per day for Meals, Lodging and Professional Guide services. Minimum of two clients in each party.* 9% state lodging tax and gratuities are additional.  Gratuities are MUCH APPRECIATED but we DO NOT add them to our fees.  We believe that our service will earn your appreciation and that you will provide a gratuity commensurate with it.

For our clients planning to fly to us for your Maine Fly Fishing Adventure it just got a WHOLE LOT EASIER!  Click on the post link below for more details.  For guests from the Greater NYC area or connecting through Newark International (EWR) this is a GAME CHANGER!  Flight times under two hours at least twice a day can put you on the water with us in less that 4 hours from EWR.  That is a whole lot better than the 12-14 hour drive!  You can truly enjoy a Maine Fly Fishing Weekend!  

Jet Service to Aroostook County, the Gateway of the North Maine Woods Announced…