Arctic Charr Fly Fishing

Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge is your Premier Maine Fly Fishing Outfitter for the Trophy Maine Arctic Charr.  While we guide your fishing for the Maine Arctic Charr you will also be targeting Trophy Brook Trout in the same waters.   We know the waters intimately here that support populations of Maine Arctic Charr and fish them often.  Fisherman come from great distances to have an opportunity at catching this ‘Only in the lower 48’ experience with Arctic Charr.  While doing so they also have the opportunity to enjoy our World Class Maine Fly Fishing for Native Brook Trout.

Maine Arctic Charr Fishing

“Maine is the only state in the U.S. that still supports relic populations of Salvelinus alpinus
oquassa, a distinct subspecies of arctic charr. The so-called Laurentian lineage of charr occurs
only in southeast Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada and Maine. Charr populations in nearby
Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada, are morphologically distinct from those in Maine and are
not considered the same subspecies. Within Maine, recent genetic work has resolved some
ongoing questions of differences among arctic charr populations. For example, the silver charr of
Floods Pond (originally called Sunapee charr) were thought to be genetically different from other,
so-called blueback charr populations. The genetic analysis, however, showed that all relict charr
populations in Maine originated from a common ancestor. More importantly, the study concluded
that Maine’s populations are highly differentiated, each representing unique gene pools and
worthy of individual protection.” *

For our clients planning to fly to us for your Maine Fly Fishing Adventure it just got a WHOLE LOT EASIER!  For guests from the Greater NYC area or connecting through Newark International (EWR) United Airlines has been awarded a new service route from Newark International (EWR) direct jet service to Presque Isle (PQI).  Flight times under two hours at least twice a day is an absolute Maine Fly Fishing dream come true!  We can arrange pickup** for you from Presque Isle and have you on the water fishing with us in less that 4 hours from EWR.  That is a whole lot better than the 12-14 hour drive!  You can truly enjoy a Maine Fly Fishing Weekend targeting Maine Arctic Charr and Trophy Wild Maine Brook Trout.

As your Premier Maine Fly Fishing Outfitter we can and will supply everything you need for your trip of a lifetime!  Just bring yourself and a desire to experience the Best Of Maine Fly Fishing and we will handle the rest!

* Articles used for reference and some great information at the Trophy Maine Arctic Charr fishing available here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge:

2023 Maine Fly Fishing Rates at Chandler Lake Camps & Lodge

The Daily Lodging rate for Maine Fly Fishing is $300* pp ALL INCLUSIVE**.  This would include breakfast, lunch and dinner, per person, per day.

This also includes use of boats, motors, canoes and kayaks(up to a $70 per day savings from other Maine Lodges. Children up to and including 16 years old stay free with each paid adult(1 child per paid adult).

The Lodging Rate DOES NOT include Maine Professional Guide Services.

2023 Maine Guided Fly Fishing Rates at Chandler Lake Camps & Lodge

$380 per day for two rods

2022 North Maine Woods Access Fees

Upon entering the North Maine Woods at 6 mile gate guests are required to check in and pay the North Maine Woods access fee to enter and enjoy the 3.5 million acres ahead of them. This fee is collected by North Maine Woods and is not affiliated with Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge. Click here for link to the fees page at North Maine Woods. Note: you will be paying the “Commercial Sporting Camp Visitors Round Trip” rate.

** Airport pickup and drop off is an additional fee based on number of guests travelling together.

 * Does not include Maine lodging tax of 9%    ** ALL INCLUSIVE means Nightly Lodging, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and use of boats, motors, canoes and kayaks(up to a $70 per day savings from other Maine Lodges).