Fly Fishing Calendar

Late April – Early May

Spring arrives in the North Maine Woods in Late April – Early May, our ice-out arrives around the end of April. The timing is just as our Rainbow smelt run begins in earnest. Literally hundreds of thousands of smelt all over the region following their natural instinct to spawn in virtually every inlet available. We start the season on the Allagash watershed and others. Trolling from traditional 20’ Grand Lakers and Scott boats at 4 feet wide and 20 feet long, as seaworthy and comfortable as it gets. Trolling with fly rods and traditional streamer flies to start, followed by casting in the shallows over gorging Wild Brook Trout feasting on smelts. Traditional Maine at its finest. The Brook trout average from 12 to 20+ inches and at times over 4lbs with 25 fish per rod per day the norm. This activity lasts about 20 days.

May – June

Fly fishing being our passion, from mid-May until the third week in June we target our 5 wild rivers and more than 20 streams. Wild Brook Trout and Landlocked salmon have put on their feed bags as the water warms. Swinging streamers, early caddis and the first BWO hatches keep the day interesting. Easy wading with the assistance of canoes make the remote stretches low stress and easy for all age groups. Pressure? We fish a vast area, if you see another party during your stay it will be the exception.

Mid to late May brings warming temperatures to our more than 30 remote small lakes and ponds. With early hatches of BWO’s, Caddis and Hendrickson’s we ply the waters with both floating and sinking lines. Daily mid-morning hatches with occasional lulls, catching wild Brook Trout with sinking lines and wet patterns and nymphs followed by afternoon and evening hatches that at times produce the largest Brook Trout in the water.
The arrival of June is peak time on the flat water, days in the field may be morning ventures to rivers and streams returning to the lodge for a hearty lunch and break. Heading out in the afternoon for the best hatch available, staying as long as you enjoy.

We strive for the best fishing possible for your trip with more than 30 years’ experience in the area. Our area produces great hatches and remember, your schedule is our schedule. We adjust our schedule, meals and activities to provide our guests with the best possible fishing available. Lots of options, fish a different water or method every day of your stay.


Green drakes and our Hex:

With the arrival of July the planet’s align and some of the best fishing of the season begins. We pursue this hatch like no other, our life stands still for more than 4 weeks as the most incredible insect life cycle begins. With numerous locations and time frames, we again adjust our schedules to provide our guests the best fly fishing as possible. At times casting some of the biggest imitation’s you have ever seen. This daily hatch consists of thousands of insects and rises producing the largest fish and often the greatest fish to hand for the season. Your adventure usually starts with a full meal for lunch and off for the remainder of the day providing the evening meal on the water. Hatches start as early as noon and we stay until you call it a day, at times casting and catching into the moonlight. Again, your schedule is our schedule. If you dream of long casts to the rise and incredible action plan now. We fill up fast!! All skill levels for this activity.

September – October

Starting in September we are back on the water, as the stars line up and river and stream flows increase, only a few degrees of temperature drop in waters and spawning runs will pick up with earnest. When salmon and trout enter a river or flowing stream on the their spawning run they tend to be aggressive and willing to chase down a streamer fly or attractor pattern. In addition as September progresses along fish begin to vary their diet and nymphing becomes an important component for catching. No single nymph is the answer, most hatches have come and gone so aquatic insects are all starting their lives over again as nymphs. In addition, waters begin to cool on our small lakes and ponds, trout are freed from their lengthy mid-summer stays at seeps and spring holes.

There are few fall hatches so trout are constantly on the hunt for a meal. So we tie on a Royal Wulff, Wood Special or stimulator and twitch it around on the surface and trout will find it. Small bright streamers work just as well, a long cast stripped under the surface and you will be surprised how successful you can be fishing a small lake or trout pond that looks like nothing is happening. This is one of our favorite times of year when we often land some of the nicest fish of the season.

Fall season.

September: all month with rivers, lakes and streams.

Cast and blast: End of the month with October 1st being the Grouse and Woodcock opener. No Sunday hunting provides a great opportunity to fish.

Grouse and Woodcock Hunting and Fly-fishing: Open the month of October, only flat water opportunities on small lakes and ponds for wild Brook Trout. Guided trip with all equipment provided.
Hunt half a day and fish the afternoon or alternate full days. All options available.