Our Miss Sherry is a Mychophile!

Yes that is a good thing!

Mycophile: a devotee of mushrooms especially : one whose hobby is hunting wild edible mushrooms.

The bounty of the North Maine Woods is extraordinary. It provides in so many ways for those that are watching. Not only in nature’s beauty at every turn but also in bounty of the many harvests that are available here. Just be sure to educate oneself in what is edible and what IS NOT! Below is a sample of the many type of mushrooms one can encounter while exploring the North Maine Woods at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge. Can you name them?

We are looking forward to you joining us in camp soon for one of our many adventures…. whether it be Foraging, Family Vacations, Maine Fly Fishing, Grouse Hunting, Deer or Moose Hunting or a Fly and Dine Experience with incredible aerial views of the North Maine Woods, and who knows… They bounty of one of those adventures may appear on a plate in front of you!