Replacing a Cabin Bed Log

One of our summer projects at Chandler this year was the need to replace a cabin bed log.  Historic Old Cabins dating back to 1902 always need some TLC.  Those loving care needs come with a necessary amount of planning as well when one builds with logs.

Short roof eves caused rain drops to drip onto the bed logs of the our Lodge cabin. After more than 75 years of drippings this particular base log had no integrity left to do its job.

The planning stage involved cutting a 24 inch diameter 45 foot long Spruce log. Peeling and Draw Shaving it in preparation for 6 months of drying before use.

To remove the existing log we had to jack up the side of the cabin that was in need of repair. 4 jacks were needed to complete the task. 2 – 30 ton railroad jacks and 2 – 2 ton hydraulic jacks.

ChandlerLakeCampsBaseLog3When the building was off the ground we cut the existing bed log into manageable sized blocks of 2 – 3 feet each.  Prying each block from the building’s floor joists as we proceeded.

Upon removal we pound in the plate spikes and joist nails. Place the new log next to the cabin for installation. Slide the log back and forth for the best size to fill the existing notches.

The new log is then flattened as needed to sit on cement blocks. ChandlerLakeCampsBaseLog2The building is then lowered back into place on to the new log. It is then shaved for an exact fit with a chain saw.

Once the building has settled we attach the floor joists and plate to the new log leveling each section.  Now we wait for the building to settle for a couple weeks and then finish with stain and chinking.




After this labor intensive and arduous process the cabin will be ready for another generation to enjoy at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge.