The Ice is OUT and…..

It’s in the books. With our earliest ice-out on record, we were able to move into the Lodge three weeks ahead of schedule.

With the greatest of plans to accomplish a number of long-awaited projects we started in earnest only to be humbled by old mother nature. Two 5+ inch snowstorms and torrential rain and wind for days. There is no question that the Chandler Lake has rolled over, and we have put a considerable dent in the woodpile already. With the ice out we are seeing a rise of water and a very slow increase in temps. It is looking like spring just not feeling like it. The new norm is (Don’t look at the calendar) with water temps still in the mid-forties we are experiencing just the beginning of our early smelt runs. With this we expect the first surge of aggressive feeding activity by our Wild Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon after a long cold winter.

Following this warming trend, we will soon reach the key temperature to bring literally thousands of Rainbow Smelt from their offshore staging areas into the rivers, brooks and streams to spawn. Nothing draws in our voracious Brook Trout and Salmon more than an abundant smelt run as they certainly put the feed bag on. With Spring’s arrival in the North Maine Woods our opening duties are varied. From our extensive spring cleaning, lawn and tree care we repair our fleet of boats and head to our various waters to maintain access and our remote canoes. With more than 40 different waters and many miles of woods roads to travel we expect the need to clear lots of trees from our remote trails. The work is never done but it is just a great time of the year. A new beginning in so many ways. Maine Ruffed Grouse and Big Maine Deer seem abundant after another mild winter as the cycle of life starts with the budding of the trees.

Come North! Where time slows and life’s burdens soon fall away. Just the way it was meant to be.