Traditional Maine Ice Cutting

Cutting Ice from Chandler Lake – A Tradition since 1902

This past weekend it was time for us to “put up” ice from our very own Chandler Lake, a time honored Traditional Maine Ice Cutting day!

Over 30 inches of ice. 16+ inches of clear blue and 14 inches of frozen slush ice that was cut off and discarded.

We cut, hauled and put more than 320 40+ pound blocks in our historical ice house here at Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge.  This pure Maine North Woods Ice will last through the summer and fall insulated by sawdust to be used for cabin and guide coolers, dining room pitchers and your favorite beverages.

The tools may be a bit more modern today yet this Tradition of Maine Ice Cutting and many others abounds here at Chandler Lake as it has been done since 1902…….

Come join us soon and Experience the Maine North Woods!

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